Today we have Union hookahs on review. The company emerged back in 2017, but the pick up phase was not as rapid as some other hookahs that we have reviewed. Nonetheless, the company has been outputting great products over the years and became one of the top players on the market.

The core values of their hookahs are quality and technology. As the founders claim, they make products that they would have bought for themselves and this is the core value of the company.

Union hookah has a website where you’ll be able to browse all available models but today we are going to go over the main offerings that Union has to offer.

Union Sleek is a first model that we have for review. This is the best for factor for hookah in our humble opinion. The shape, the form, and the size of this model is just right. On top of that, it is made of the best materials available. Surgical grade stainless steel is the main material used for stem. The charcoal tray is made out of the same material. It is 20cm in diameter and that makes plenty of space for all your charcoal needs. The decorative part of the stem is made out of wood. The whole package comes as stem, charcoal tray, silicone hose and mouthpiece, connector for the hose. In our opinion this is the beset bang for your buck model from Union.

Union Argument is another option from Russian company.  Things more unique and interesting in this model. It is made to look like a baseball bat and has a matte black finish. The materials used consist of stainless steel and whole wood. The base is made out of stainless steel which ives the hookah unique look. Given the size of the base, there is a silicone splash guard to prevent water coming to the hose. The company also left some markings on the base to measure the amount of water needed. Since the hookah is on narrower side, the base has additional layer, which acts as a stand. IT is [pretty stable and our pull test measured it to be rock solid.

Union Fibonacci is a flagman model of Union Hookahs. The whole stainless steel construction is gorgeous and a pleasure to look at. As far as features, there are not many. The extra feature that worth mentioning is the hose holder on the base of the stem. Argument hookah looks a lot more premium than Fibonacci, to say. The height of the Fibonacci hookahs are basically the number that yo’ll see in fibonacci: 33, 55, 89, 144, 233. If you are looking to get a unique hookah at the moment, look towards Sleek or Argument. These are better options in our opinion.

Overall, Union Hookah is a great alternative to the big names like MattPear, or Alpha Hookah. The price point is compatible in current market but we really think that there are some better options. The only notable hookah we would go for would be Argument, but it is more of an accessory that is nice to look at, and not the functional hookah. But we should point out the quality of these hookahs, the company has done great job keeping the production quality on high and all of the hookahs that we have tested were of immaculate quality.