1. Serbetli: Ice strawberry-banana, Element: Maui, Pineapple

   Tropical style mix of perfectly combined and flavorful iced summer fruits.

    Bowl: Any type of bowl

    Proportions: ice Strawberry-banana 40%, Maui 30%, Pineapple 30%

2. Tangiers: Raspberry, Blueberry 2005, Other breakfast cereal

    Its like that Mama’s freshly baked breakfast pastries

    Bowl: Funnel

    Warm-up: 4-6 minutes under the cover

    Proportions: Raspberry 33%, Blueberry 33%, Other breakfast cereal 34%

3. Serbetli: Ice Lemon-mint, Element: Kalamanci, Lychee

    This is a must-try mix for people who like the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours mixed with some fresh mint

    Bowl: Any type of bowl

    Proportions: Ice lemon-mint 50%, Kalaminci 30% Lychee 20%

4. Element: Cola, Tangiers: Orange soda, Expermint

    Refreshing mix that brings that orange flavoured cola taste with a shot of mint perfectly matches hot summer days

    Bowl: Funnel

    Proportions: Cola 60%, Orange soda 30%, Expermint 10% 

5. Fumari: Caribbean colada, Spiced chai, Serbetly: Fresh pineapple

    Perfect flavor for the pineapple head fruit bowl. The best for sweet teeth

    Bowl: pineapple fruit bowl head

    Proportions: Caribbean colada 40%, Spiced Chai 30%, Fresh pineapple 30%

6. Tangers: Horchata, ololiuqui, cane mint. 

    Sweet and spicy mexican style horchata drink flavor that is perfect for warm and cozy nights.

    Bowl: Funnel

    Proportions: Horchata 70%, Ololiuqui 20%, Cane mint 10%

7. Tangiers: Maraschino cherry, Serbetly: Lime tea, Element: Thyme and Bergamot

    This mix would give cherry-grapefruit flavor with some light notes of tea with bergamot natural oils.

    Bowl: Clay Bowls

    Proportions: Maraschino cherry 60%, Lime tea 30%, Thyme and bergamot 10%.

8. Element: Feijoa, pear, buzina

Light and easy mix for everyday enjoing the perfect combination of fruits and elderflower syrup

    Bowl: Any type of bowl

    Proportions: Feijoa 40%, Pear 40%, Buzina 20%

9. Al fakher: Grape, Guava, mint

    Well-known classic sweet grape mix with some creamy guava aftertaste goes well once you want to treat yourself with some strong exotic flavour

    Bowl: Apple fruit bowl head

    Proportions: Grape 60%, Guava 20%, Mint 20%

10. Element: Berrytail, Fir, Moroz 

    Berry and frosty as a Siberrian winter cold with bright flavour of forest berries and fir notes 

    Bowl: Any type of bowl

    Proportions: Berritail 80%, Fir 10%, Moroz 10%