Heat Management Devices have been a great improvement over the traditional foil in hookah industry for quite some time now. Throughout the lifespan of HMDs the form has stayed somewhat the same. Aloud, Starbuzz and other companies around the world played with variations of the original form, but always found the classic shape to be the most practical and popular. But, the situation has changed when Na Grani released their own version of HMD. Let’s dive into it.

Na Grani is a Russian brand. The company started as a hookah manufacturers and has been steadily making the name for themselves among enthusiasts. However, what really put them on the map is HMD that they have developed.

Na Grani HMD can rightfully snatch the crown from Kaloud. But “Why?” you might ask. Well, the first advantage that Na Grani has over other brands is the quality and longevity of the device. The device is made out of the solid piece of stainless steel. There are not screws to hold the construction. This means that rust won’t be able to build up on weak points. The device also never oxidizes, resistant to stains and physical damage. On top of that the solid pice means that the heat resistance qualities are higher than the competition. This solid pice of metal weighs in at around 160g or approximately 5.6 ounces.

The way the device looks is another positive feature. Size-wise, Na Grani has a perfect diameter and would fit most of the bowls currently on the market. You can fit up to 3 charcoals inside of Na Grani. There are also special protruding points on the base of the device to provide maximum heat output without burning the tobacco. There is no lid, since people using it less and less nowadays. The HMD stays on the put, so no need for covers as well.

The device comes in wooden package with the wooden stand on the bottom. The packaging is superb and functional. The bottom stand add uniqueness to the whole package. I found the quality  of the device very high out of the box. There were no scratches, any processing leftovers whatsoever.

Na Grani is a great option for people who are looking for the best HMD experience. The main advantages of this device are stainless steel construction, durability, the looks and functionality. All these qualities bring this product one level above any other offering currently in the market.