Top Hookah Mixes

Today we have a list of flavors you must try this season! Stick with us and find out what they are.

1. Serbetli: Ice Green Apple, Afzal: Cranberry

    Mix with mild cranberry-apple cocktail taste. This is a neutral flavor where apple is dominant, but cranberry softens and brings out new flavors.

    Bowl: Any bowl style

    Proportions: 60% Ice Green Apple / 40 % Cranberry

2. Tangiers: Raspberry, Peach Iced Tea

    Classic mix with a notes of fresh iced tea with a little bit of chill aftertaste.

    Bowl: Funnel

    Warm-up: 4-6 minutes under the cover

    Proportions: Raspberry 50% / Peach Iced Tea 50%

3. Serbetli: Strawberry Lemonade, Darkside: Eclipse

    This is a perfect mix for people who like toned down, neutral flavors.

    Bowl: Any Bowl

    Charcoals: 4 preferred with foil

    Proportions: Strawberry Lemonade 60% / Eclipse 40%

4. Serbetli: Bodrum Tangerine, Al fakher: Fresh Mist, Gum

    Refreshing mix that brings out sweetness of tangerines and cool aftertaste of a fresh gum.

    Bowl: Any Bowl

    Charcoals: 3 charcoals

    Proportions: 50% Bodrum Tangerine. 50%, 30% Fresh Mist, Gum 20%

5. Spectrum: Citrus Mix, Brazilian Tea, Caribbean Rom

    Perfect flavor of tea notes mixed with light rom. Light, pleasant, and subtle.

    Warm-up: 4-5 minutes under the cover

    Charcoals: 3 charcoals

    Proportions: 70% Citrus Mix, 20% Brazilian Tea, 10$ Caribbean Rom

6. Tangers: Melon Blend, Raspberry

    Sweet raspberry and melon syrup or jam flavor that is perfect for warm and cozy nights.

    Bowl: Funnel

    Warm-up: 3 minutes using foil and cover

    Charcoals: 4 charcoals

    Proportions: 70% Melon Blend / 30% Raspberry

7. Starbuzz: Cocojumbo, Al fakher: Cherry, Grapefruit, Mint

    This mix would give cherry-grapefruit flavor on inhale, and coconut-mint flavor on exhale. Light and subtle every day flavor.

    Bowl: Clay Bowls

    Proportions: 30% Cocojumbo, 30% cherry, 30% grapefruit, 10% mint

8. Afzal: Peach, Coconut, Adalya: Milk Chocolate

    Perfect tender and pleasant flavor. Exhale has notes of milk mixed with peach, exhale is dominantly coconut flavor. Best described as girl scout cookies.

    Bowl: Any Bowl

    Proportions: Peach 50%, Milk Chocolate 30%, Coconut 20%

9. Al fakher: Grapefruit, Blueberry

    Warm-up: 3-5 minutes under the cover

    Charcoals: 4 charcoals

    Proportions: Grapefruit 60%, Blueberry 40%

10. Darkside: Sambuka Shot, Tangiers: Cane Mint

    Fresh licorice and sweet mix. Great alternative to Double Apple

    Proportions: Sambuka Shot 70%, Cane Mint 30%