We recently conducted a survey where we asked our customers what are the criteria they consider when choosing a hookah lounge. While some of the results that we have gotten were predictable, some of the answers we have gotten were surprising. So what are the most valued things people are searching in hookah lounges, and what are the things business owners should consider?

Is it cool and expensive hookahs, a wide variety of flavors, or good pack and experience?

To know more, we decided to ask people that often go to hookah lounges and are interested in hookah culture in general. This is a targeted audience that in 9 out of 10 times knows exactly what they are after. 

Our survey showed expected and not so expected results. So let’s figure out some results that we got.

Live entertainment is among the least desirable criteria that we got. Guests rarely consider a place that has live events. They do not care if a place has live music, shows, or something else if a hookah that they get is bad from the start. 

On the other hand, if a customer has been to your lounge many times and it seems repetitive for them, they might become boded. However, lots of new events that happen at your lounge might push the customers away since they come to have some “wind-down” time. It would be distractive to have loud music, a guy on the guitar, or show all the time.

A variety of hookahs is also on the lower spectrum of the needs of the customers. It is surprising since there is a race for the most innovative hookahs nowadays. Hookah lounges try to get the most expensive hookahs to attract more customers, but customers do not really care for hookah prices as it turns out. Of course, people are not trying to get the old hookahs and choose hookah lounges where they have modern hookahs, but it is not necessary to buy the most expensive offerings out there. We found that the best hookahs are reliable Amy’s, MattPear, Wookahs, and other modern budget hookahs. There are options when it comes to selection of hookahs, so the choice is yours.

People care about the activities hookah lounges offer. Table games, consoles, and good hookah is a perfect mix of items that your hookah lounge needs. People want to have fun while enjoying their hookahs. These options do not cost a lot, but your customers would be happy if you have these in the lounge.

The location is another criterion that is important for your customers. Nobody wants to go far for the hookah sessions. So if the place is just around the corner then the choice is obvious. The only problem is to gather a broader audience and attract them in your lounge. 

The interior is also important in customers’ choice. It is all because people want to be in a nice place. If the interior is cliche, then it is no different than other hookah lounges out there. The idea is to be creative. Your logo speaks a lot. Make sure that the experience is great and aligns with the overall concept. So if the interior is outdated, you might want to invest in rebranding.

The other thing that people notice is the variety of flavors. Even if your hookah is not the most expensive out there, good variety is the key. So make sure to get more flavors so your customers are happy.

The most important thing that we found to matter is the quality of the pack. Your guests expect great hookah experience. They want clean, flavorful, and smoky hookah. So educate your staff on the mixes and best practices about hookah.

Today, you will not impress anyone with basic mixes like a grape with a mint or double apple. Modern hookah lounge should have a great selection of flavors, interesting board games, a great atmosphere, and most importantly great staff.

So these are the results that we received from our survey. As you can see there are a lot of things that make sense, but there might be some revelations for you. So make sure to consider the things that we described when making your adjustments.