3 essential accessories for your hookah that would make a difference

Every part of a hookah serves a purpose for your session, but 3 essential accessories would either make your experience better or waste your bowl altogether. Let’s grab a look at the things we can purchase to make the experience better.

The main question is what part of the hookah we can upgrade to get a better experience. Today we will explore this subject. This information would be useful if you are just getting into the hookah industry.


The parts that always have to be at the top condition are hose, bowl, and heat management. You can not cut the expense on these items if you want the best possible experience.

The hookah hose is one of the most important accessories for your hookah. You must maintain, clean, and replace it on time. This would allow you to get the best flavor and clean smoke.

The hookah hose must be clean and in good shape at all times. This ties back to hygiene, and also to the enhancement of the experience in general.

The traditional hoses that come with Egyptian hookahs are prone to breaking. Our opinion: you should avoid those. They are made of metal wire wrapped in cloth and leather. With extensive use, these metal wire starts to rust and can cause harm to you.

The solution to this issue is to replace the outdated part with something modern, for example, silicone hose.

Silicone is ideal for hookah applications. It does no absorb and flavor, lasts long, and cleans easy. This would cut down the danger of health harm issue to the minimum. That is if you take care of the hose properly.

On average, silicone hose is good for a year of extensive use. It is also better to have multiple hoses to avoid flavor ghosting. 


Hookah bowl is also a very important part of your session. This is where the magic happens. Different materials that are used in the making of the hookah bowl gives your session different quality. Essentially, it all boils down to which bowl you are most comfortable working with. Some people prefer clay, while others love silicone bowls. 

The shape of the bowl is another subject we would like to discuss. It is crucial to pair the right bowls with the right tobacco type. For example, if you’d like to get the most flavor from Fumari is it better to use funnel style bowl and to leave the tobacco wet.

Over time bowls tend to loose their original qualities. This leads to some juice selling through the walls of the bowl. Microcracks that develop in the bowl due to the heat might let the heat through the bowl and this would lead to a worse experience while smoking.

Silicone would not crack through but it can become sticky, overheat and melt. This would lead to a worsened experience. 

Because of this, you always have to check the condition of the bowl and constantly change it. Also, do not forget to use different types of bowls for different types of tobacco. 


The era of a foil is long gone and more and more lounges and enthusiasts use heat management devices. It could be the original brand or knock-off, but best believe us, it would make your life easier. These devices allow you to control temperature, transfer the flavor by managing the temperature in the bowl. Essentially, this is an essential tool for all hookah lovers. *WINK*

Of course, these devices have their limits too. Knock off devices would become darker and melt over time. But in general, these devices last for 3 years. We should mention that the original product with proper maintenance can last for decades. We still have to see that but predictions are promising. 

What are the accessories that you use daily? Let us know we are eager to hear what you have to say.