Have you ever smoked a hookah with strong tobacco that was not strong enough. Well we have a solution for you! Today’s method of packing originates from Kazan, Russia. I guess people take hookah at that part of the country very serious and elevate it to the next level. Stick with us and see what we get in result.

What we need?

We would need any bowl, some foil, Doha or frigat, and lotus. We would also need tobacco, charcoals, hookah as well)

For tobacco choose you want to gravitate towards the darker tobacco leafs. The stronger the tobacco the better. So grab some flavors from Tangier’s and enjoy.

Pack your flavor mix it with Doha. Make sure to mix the flavor so Doha is evenly distributed within tobacco. Pack the bowl, wrap it with the foil as you would normally. Punch some holes through and put the lotus on top.

Our next step would be to wrap the lotus and the bowl in foil one more time and punch holes through. Once ready, make sure to put 4 charcoals on top and wait for at least 10 minutes. If you have a cover for your bowl make sure to use it to speed up the process of heating. 

Once ready, prepare to be amazed. This is by far the strongest hookah you have ever tried. Guaranteed. Make sure to stay hydrated as this hookah would be strong as hell. While it might not produce the best smoke output, the strength of this hookah would knock you from your feet.

Your session should last for 1-1.5 hours but I bet you will give up on this hookah way earlier.

Enjoy this pack and share it with your friends

Today we are making the strongest hookah you will ever try. Stick with us and see what is going to happen!