Today’s discussion involves interesting topic. Do you prefer flavor or smoke production? Some people chase clouds some chase flavor. We are all about good flavor. Essentially there are multiple ways of packing the bowl to achieve either maximum flavor or smoke production. We will go over different types of packing to achieve one or another.

First method would be for flavor production where the flavor inside of the bowl burns at a slower rate to maximize the flavor output. When packed dense, the hot air does not travel around tobacco freely, thus creating slower rate of burn. This produces more flavor.

If you are after smoke production make sure to pack the bowl loose. This way the heat is wrapping every single tobacco leaf and generates more smoke output. Keep in mind that wet tobacco is better for this application since your bowl will not burn fast. On top of that juice is what essentially produces smoke. So keep your leaves wet!

For a balanced smoke/flavor output pack your bowl fluffy. Press the top so it creates nice pressed coverage from the top. Do not press hard though, you still want the bottom layer to be loose. This would be optimal way of packing a bowl. Make sure to grab wet tobacco to prevent premature burning, and keep 3 charcoals on top. Long and steady inhales would help also.

Give these 3 options a try and let us know how you liked them!