Todays discussion: What is the best material for hookah?

We have 1000s of different hookah manufacturers. All of them use different types of materials to make their hookahs. The most common material used would be either aluminum or stainless steel. We will specifically go over stainless steel hookah set up due to its maintainability and durability.

 When it comes to corrosion, all metals are prone to failure at some point. Stainless steel would be a perfect option when it comes to hookahs since it can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. It is easy to clean and has lesser amount of buildups of hookah residue. Since hookahs deal with water daily, stainless steel would take less toll in a face of corrosion. Next time when you shop for a hookah keep that in mind.

 There are other materials that people use for producing hookahs. Some interesting implementation includes wood. Wood is great to look at but regular old stainless steel would be a better fit for hookah, especially if you use hookah for commercial purposes.

 Some great hookahs that are made of stainless steel include MattPear, Amy(stainless steel models), Avion Hookah. These options would be perfect for its use and would serve you for years to come.

 Let us know what are some of hookahs that you have had for awhile and did not encounter any problems. We are happy to hear your feedback!