Spinner Hookah:

If you want to try a hookah bot do not know what flavor to pack, or you want a lot of flavors at once but do not want to mix them between each other our “Spinner Hookah Bowl” is a perfect solution. It is a conjunction of 4 grapefruits all connected to each other so you can pack up to 3 different heads and smoke them simultaneously. In order to achieve this effect we mix 3 flavor profiles in 3 different heads.

1st head would be citrusy mixture of Fumari’s Lemon Mint and White Gummy Bear. 2nd head would be stronger minty flavors from Tangiers – Cane Mint & Experimint. 3rd head would be fruity flavors from Serbetli – Raspberry and Ice Watermelon.

All 3 heads would have mint in it so the overall flavor would be fresh and minty, perfect for getting the bowls hot to get more smoke out of it.

3 heads would be carved from 2 sides. 1 from the top, this is where we will put the tobacco. 1 side would be cut as well to connect them to the main grapefruit that acts as a connector to the hookah. When connecting the grapefruits we use limes or cut cucumbers to connect them between each other. Secure everything with the toothpicks to reinforce the construction and make sure there are no visible gaps, otherwise the air flow would be interfered with the air from outside of the head. 

Once everything is connected. Put your spinner on the hookah and put a heat management units on top of every head with the tobacco. It is important to start with 3 charcoals on each heat management unit for this application since it would take longer than usual to heat up the bowls. Wait for 3-4 minutes and your bowl should be ready. 

If anything goes wrong and you are not able to finish the project, feel free to visit us at 6353 Yucca St. Los Angeles, California 90028 to try one for yourself.  If everything works out, enjoy your hookah!


In order to get this hookah at our hookah lounge you would need to call in advance so we could prep it for you. Shout us an email, call us during the business hours to order yours.