Hookahs for every budget.

In this post we will discuss the different hookahs in different price category. We have the price ranges of up to $150, up to $300, and more than $300. So let’s dive in and see what are our options.

When we look for a budget hookah, first thing you want to look at is the materials used. Stainless steel is always good option since it will not be affected by corrosion in a long run. There are vast variety of options in this segment. We want to point out 2 options that we found to be the best. Oduman n2 mini and MattPear Mini hookahs are the best options in this price segment. They pack good value since it comes with everything you need (with the exception of bowl) to start the hookah session. They both pretty hard hitting and compact hookahs so they should be perfect for home use.

Second segment is up to $300 price point. The best option in this category would be our beloved Mattpear Simple which is a standard version of MattPear Mini. Made out of a stainless steel, with magnetic connector for a hose, and functional diffusor make this option the best one out there in the market in this price segment. It is hard to find in the US but some distributors in the US carry them. Please note that Mattpear Simple does not include the base in the package but any standard base would fit perfect with this hookah. We recommend Craft bases due to their style which looks awesome combined with Mattpear.

Last and the most expensive category for today is $300+ category. Winner in this category is Wookah. Wookah is a wood hookah which packs near-to-perfection design and premium materials. With a price starting at around $450 it is a great buy. Logic behind this is that functionality that Wookah brings is superb. Draw from this hookah is more restricted than other options from the list, but favor transfer is amazing. If you want to go for the exclusive look for a hookah, we suggest you to go for a all wood model which swaps the regular glass base for a wooden base to give it that unique look.

If you are interested in any of these hookahs visit us at 6353 Yucca St. Los Angeles, California 90028. We currently have them for you to smoke, so come visit us before you purchase any of these hookahs to decide if it’s the right fit for you!