Not that long ago we have tested Space Smoke Hookah Paste on our YouTube channel. If you have not seen the video yet, here is the link. Give us a like and subscribe to the channel, btw. You’ll love the content. Back to the topic. We gave a short overview of how to pack the paste and mix it with the traditional hookah mix. Here we are going to dive deep into what this paste is and what are the ups and downs of this type of hookah product.

As per manufacturer, Space Smoke Hookah Paste is an innovative hookah mix based on minerals. Manufacturer is based in Russia and had developed product for 2 years before they released it last year. As far as the main advantages go, they claim that their product is heat resistant, saturated, gives great smoke output, lasts for a long time, and is less harmful than traditional hookah tobacco.

This product can be mixed with traditional tobacco or can be packed on its own. The other cool feature that they go over is that this paste can be used to revive hookah session. Once the tobacco is done, you can add the paste to the bowl to prolong the session. We have not tried doing so, and do not recommend it, but it is worth mentioning here.

Generally, you’ll pack the phunnel bowl with 10-15g of paste and apply some heat. The paste takes longer to get going, but once it is going, you’ll get a good amount of smoke. Manufacturer recommends using 4 25mm coals, since the paste is really heat resistant and takes time to heat. 

Space Smoke offers 19 distinct flavors for the paste that can be mixed or enjoyed on their own. Our favorites happened to be Moon Blackcurrant and Le Lime. Moon Blackcurrant gives a good sweetness punch while not being overly aggressive. Le Lime is a perfect flavor for mixing with minty flavors. It is good on its own, but really shines once it is mixed with something refreshing, giving that iced lemonade vibes.

Overall. Space Smoke is a great alternative for a traditional hookah mix. Although the experience is quite different than what would you expect in a regular hookah session, it is still great, and at least, deserves a chance for a try. In case you want to try one of the flavors from Space Smoke, you can always visit our hookah lounge and try it out.