Today we are going to talk about Brusko Tobacco. Brusko has been in the market since 2016 and the origin of the company is quite different from the other players on the market. Initially, this company has been developing vape liquids for POD systems and regular vapes. However given the fact how rapidly the hookah industry is evolving, the company just could not stand on the side.

Back in 2019 Brusko decided to take a shot at hookah industry and release their tobacco less tea leaf based mix for hookah.

The hookah mix is based on Sudan rose fibers. Sudan rose is a tea strand that is used to make world known karkade, mostly known as hibiscus tea. There are 2 types of Brusko mixes: Medium and Strong. The product has great heat resistance and smoke output, balanced flavor, and strength. The product comes in 50 and 250 gram packages, that are perfect for 2-15 hookah sessions. It is perfect for mixing with tea based products or traditional hookah mixes.

Today we are going to go over the top offerings that Brusko has.

First on the list is Grapefruit and Raspberry. Zesty but sweet grapefruit in conjunction with sweet and ripe raspberry is a great option for standalone flavor. But it is great to mix it with Pinkman by MustHave. 

Second flavor that we would like to recommend is Fruit Pebbles. It is a sweet candy flavor. Mostly reminds of Skittles mix. Great for mixing but really good on it’s own.  Basically it is a mix of all known berry flavors that are oddly great when mixed. If you like sweet and sour flavors, this is a great option.

Lemon with Melissa is another great flavor from Brusko. Classic lemon with mint flavor that is slightly zesty as well as herby.

Brusko’s Frozen Watermelon. Probably one of my favorite flavors to date. Fresh, sweet and flavorful watermelon mixed with the hint of cooling touch really shines on its own. Mix it with the Tangiers Cane Mint for a stronger session.

We went through the best flavors that Brusko has to offer. We highly suggest to go through every flavor on it’s own and then try to mix them with some other flavors to get a more refined hookah session. Although this brand is currently limited to some European regions, we hope to get our hands on a shipment pretty soon. Once we have it, expect a video review from us on our YouTube channel.