Nanosmoke sent us couple units to test recently and we have a video review for them on our channel. If you are not subscribed yet visit our YouTube channel to see some cool video reviews and educational videos we have on our channel. The model that the company sent us was Nano Smoke Case Pro One. Quite long name, but small package. Let’s dive deep into the details.

The origin of Nano Smoke hookahs lay in Russia. They are handmade and have great carrying capabilities. It is pretty small and can fit in a small suitcase. By the way, Nano Smoke sent one of their hookahs in a special carrying suitcases which is pretty neat. What sets the hookah apart from the competition is its size, the materials, and cool details like water level mark, which indicates how much water should go inside of the base. Speaking of base, it is made out of plexiglass and needs to be maintained properly. The good part of this material is that it is not as fragile as glass. IF tipped over, it won’t break easy. But it needs to be cleaned properly to avoid damage to plexiglass.

The hookah itself, comes in a complete package, besides the bowl. You can fit any standard bowl you have, but shorter bowls would be ideal for this hookah to keep it portable. The hose that comes inside is 1.3m in length and made out of silicone. It is on the softer side so pretty easy to move around without incurring any tip over danger. The stem is made with stainless steel so durability is on point. Plus the stem has a special splash guard that prevents water from. Going into the hose. Although we still managed to get some water in the hose, it was significantly less that what you’d find with regular short stem hookahs.

Some features that are worth mentioning, besides the splash guard, is the radiator on the stem . This radiator is pretty small, but does a good job dissipating the heat. This prevents the smoke from overheating and allows for a great amount of smoke production.

For a price point that Nano Smoke offers their hookah, you get a complete set that is pretty comfortable to travel with and not worry about possible damage, due to the materials that are used. If you want to try this type of hookah, come visit us at our hookah lounge. We are always striving to provide best experience ever.

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