Nube Unique is a well established but relatively young brand from Krasnodar, Russia. The company stormed the market with their unique purge valve. We will get back to this later.

Nube Unique has various models up for grabs, starting with the ones that are on the cheaper side all the way to the ones that would cost a god heft of cash. Nube Unique Black one comes in a black carton bocks that reminds a pair of expensive shoes or something that an expensive watch would come in. These little details usually make the whole experience seem exclusive.

All of the pieces are made out of the stainless steel. Stem is decorated with the wooden piece to create unique look. There is a 2 stage purge valve, the diameter of the stem is 13mm which translates to a medium draw. The connector of the hose reminds Amy Deluxe ‘click’ system you’ll have to twist the hose once it is inside.

The main feature of the Nube Unique is the ability to cool down the head without even touching it. The purge valve button twists and you can point the air flow either to purge the base or to blow out the head. If the bowl has been unattended for a long time and it got overheated, simply twist the knob and blow out the head.

The main purge valve is actually hidden in the stems base. When you blow out the hookah, the smoke blows out from beneath the wooden part and creates a cool looking effect. 

The price for this hookah is a little over the average price. But, for what you get, it is a small price to pay. All the features and the quality of the hookah itself, well deserves the hefty price tag. 

We have tested these hookahs a while back, if you are curious to see what we thought about them, just check out our YouTube channel.