Element Hookah: Element is another new company in the industry that is trying to take the spot at the top of the hill. The first appearance of the Element dates back to 2018 when couple of hookah enthusiasts decided that it was the right time to create a good competition to Darkside hookah. 

Element tightly connected their lines of flavor to the elements such us water, earth, air and fire. Each of the lines has a distinct strength and flavors. Air would be easy as air and the lightest line from the brand. Water is a medium strength, earth is strong, fire is extra strong.

We are still waiting to get our hands on fire which as promised is strongest hookah flavor that you can possibly get. As far as the others go, it is pretty interesting to see the flavors that are somewhat familiar, gets the new life. The medium strength tobaccos use Burley, light strength uses Virginia. These hookah mixes love heat and gets quite some time to get the full spectrum of flavor from the mix. We have tested our flavors with 3 charcoals on to and found it to be the sweet spot as far as the heat output goes. The smoke output is comparable to Dakside, flavors are great and have pronounced natural flavors.

The manufacturer recommends to use bowls such as UpgradeForm, but we have tested these with the Chunnel style bowls and it was quite good. Though, we recommend using UPG or Don bowl with classic Turkish style. The interesting part about this mix is that when not enough heat is applied, you can definitely feel the through hit when inhaling, but when the temperature rises and the flavors get properly heated this problem goes away. I guess the recommendation from the manufacturer is a good thing.

The lineup has sweet, sour, pastry and fresh flavors for all likings. The most notable are Lychee, Raspberry, Mango, Berry “MORS”,  Nut Mix, Watermelon Halls, Ice and Irish cream. But one flavor that stands above them all is Pear. Pear is such a hard flavor to produce due to the specific mixes of flavorings that have to be mixed right. There are few companies that perfected the formula, but Element is our top favorite due to the natural taste. We mixed Pear with Watermelon Halls and it was great. The favor production was superb and smoke output is great. I would definitely try to compare Darkside and Element mixes side by side just to see which one is better.

Due to the great heat resistance of element mixes, it is pretty easy to work with and mix with other flavors. The combinations that come from element mixes is great and last for a good prolonged group session. Although it is not readily available in the US yet, you can stop by our lounge since we try to keep some stock of Element for our customers.

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