MattPear Ready S. Recently MattPear, our beloved brand, released a new budget friendly version of their hookah. Ready S instantly became one of the most popular options among the hookah enthusiasts.

We all know that MattPear’s attention to the details is superb this translates to the popularity of this brand. When you buy a MattPear product, it comes in a premium white box that packs all the required parts neatly inside. Additionally, there are sticker and documentation. Looks great, honestly. This all shows how the company is paying attention to the details, and gives certain bonuses just for being customers of MattPear to the ones that purchased their products.

The new Ready S is a budget class hookah that is made  the material that is used is also used in spacecraft engineering. Pretty cool, right? The charcoal tray is made out of stainless steel, the construction is fully collapsable, magnet connectors for the hose, soft-touch silicone hose with the spring to keep it from kinking. The diffusor is permanently attached to the bottom of the stem on this version. There are 3 different marks on the bottom of the stem so people can measure the appropriate amount of water that they would need. The more water there is, the heavier the draw gets.

The diffusor has 3 holes and deeply positioned inside the base. There are 2 versions of the hose that you can get for this hookah. First one is the regular smooth stainless steel version – Lite, another called Ready S and looks just like the stem. There are variations that you can get for Ready S series. The cheapest one would get you only the stem and the charcoal tray, while the fully loaded version gets you the hose, tray, stem, and residue catcher.

There is a dedicated base for this hookah that is sold separate.  Although you are not required to use the MattPear base, it is really good and has rubber feet on it to prevent the hookah from sliding. 

It is a budget friendly version of the hookah which we do not have an official price for as of right now. But we believe it would cost anywhere between 100 to 150 USD.

Let us know if you would like to see a review and comparison of this budget friendly hookah with their flagship hookah.