Here at Mojo Hookah Lounge we are proud to carry the most exclusive hookahs in the world. We carefully research every one of them and bring them to our lounge for all to try and create awareness about different kind of hookahs.

Today we are taking a look at one of our favorite hookahs Hi-Tech club. Since the opening of our longe Hi-Tech club was one of our flagman hookahs and people always enjoyed the experience. But let’s dive into the history of the hookah and the brand and why we’ve chosen to pick it up. Hi-tech Club hookahs offer a combination of high-level of performance and technical excellence and individual looks, vivid differences that have made it famous among other hookahs. 

The creator of this brand has been exposed to metal works from the early ages, and has been developing various daggers, and swords, knives as a hobby. When he was in hi school he has been involved in metal workshop and became engineer.

Later in his Lifestage he has traveled to Egypt to find out that people smoke hookah excessively there and tried it too. He found that traditional hookahs absorb flavors and it is hard to get rid of it afterwards. Since Yaroslav(brand creator) was no stranger to knowing metal qualities, he decided that hookahs must e made out of materials that do not absorb flavors. He decided that the hookahs must be portable, be easy to set up, come as a whole package, and made out of the quality materials. 

The design of Hi-Tech hookah is portable enough to be a travel companion, and look good enough to fit any interior.

We picked up the Hi-Tech hookahs for unique design and high quality. It is portable, has great design, and the flavor output of this hookah is phenomenal.