The hookah industry has more and more companies entering it with quality products. Some of them fail, and some of them succeed. Today we are going to talk about a company that has been succeeding for the past couple years – Mamay Customs. A company that stormed the industry with its quality products for a reasonable price.

Most of the models of Mamay Customs is made out of 304 stainless steel with anodized aluminum in places of contact with water. The lineup consists of various height hookahs but they all share the same 13mm diameter stem. Unfortunately, the stem is a solid piece without the ability to take it apart. However the purge valve is constructible and can be taken apart easily.

The signature of the Mamay Customs hookahs is the 3 slots on the base of the stem, one for the hose, one for the purge valve and the last one for holding the tip of the mouthpiece. Pretty clever, right?

The most popular hookah model from this company is Hexagon. This is a perfect model for hookah lounges as it has great size and great airflow. The height of the stem is 65cm and has 13mm diameter. This is a perfect size for proper cooling and airflow. The stem also equipped with detachable diffuser that can regulate the draw. Purge valve is also on point and purges the base clean.

Other models that Mamay Customs offer are Coilovers and Coilovers Mini. The stem incorporates the coilover around it to create a unique, industrial design. When it first came out, it gathered a lot of attention and paved the way for the company to move forward. The draw is pretty tight on these models, and are closer to traditional hookahs than modern. This, however, can be adjusted if needed. There is another version of Coilover hookah that came out recently. Coilover Micro is the smallest offering from Mamay Customs. With the height of only 37cm it is a perfect travel companion. All Coilover hookahs share the same build quality, which is superb, and specifications.