Hookah Basics: Orange Bowl

 A while ago we did a video which showed how to carve orange to enjoy it on a hookah. The video showed how to carve the head to put the tobacco inside of it. It also showcased the glass hookah functionality and some benefits in whole gross construction. This is a follow up to this video where we going to go over the details of carving the orange as well as some benefits of the fruit bowl itself.

 In order to pack a great orange bowl you have to go the grocery store first, and pick the roundest and largest orange you would be able to find. Make sure to grab couple of them since “accidents happen” is pretty common when prepping fruit bowls for the first time. You found yourself an orange? Great. Let’s take it home and plan our tactics on how to tackle the prep course. To carve an orange you’ll need: toothpicks, apple decorer, small knife, large knife, heat management unit such as Lotus Kloud or foil (whichever works best for you). Got the tools? Great, let’s make the magic happen. 

 Carve the top of the orange so it fits heat management unit. Cut a small part from the bottom of the orange so it stays even on the hookah without any wobble. After you have cut your orange, proceed to carving it with a small knife. We usually cut it under 30-45 degree angle to create even space for tobacco inside of the bowl. After you have carved your orange, grab your decorer and punch a hole through orange to create a connection hole for hookah stem. Make sure your orange sits straight on the hookah. If it is tilted, make sure to recut the top portion to level it horizontally. It is done to prevent charcoals from slipping from the top of the orange when enjoyed. If it is levels take it off the hookah and grab your toothpicks and create a base for the tobacco. It is done to prevent tobacco from falling inside of the hookah itself. After you have created the base put the tobacco inside of the head and position it evenly. Try not to over pack it as the top layer would get burnt really fast in this case.

  Now you can either wrap the apple in the foil and punch holes through the foil or use a more convenient heat management unit. Put charcoals on top and wait for 2 minutes for hookah to heat up.

 Your hookah is ready for you to enjoy. Smoke away and let us know how it turned out. We are always happy to see your feedback.


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