• Al Fakher

Al Fakher tobacco is one of the oldest brands in the industry. It is know for its classic favorites like White Grape, Double Apple, Mint. This brand’s flavors are base for all the new flavors on the market right now. Flavors from Al Fakher are medium strength with pronounced aroma. It is perfect for social gathering and cozy evening with hookah. We usually recommend this tobacco brand on clay or fruit bowls. The spectrum of the flavors available is vast and everyone would find a flavor that suits them. 


  • Fumari

Fumari is a local tobacco brand that is known for its light and smoky tobacco flavors. It is perfect for beginners as well as experienced smokers. This brand has more complex flavors such as Spiced Chai, Ambrosia, Limoncello. Due to the complexity of the flavor gamut, it is perfect for mixing the flavors and always getting the best result. We recommend this tobacco on silicone bowl or fruit bowl such as grapefruit, orange, or pineapple.


  • Starbuzz

Starbuzz is one of the biggest tobacco brands in the industry right now. It is know for its wide variety of flavors and ultimate classics like Bluemist. It is perfect for long sessions of smoking since the tobacco is light and has low level of nicotine. Perfect for beginners and occasional smokers.


  • Nakhla

Nakhla is one of the oldest brands in the industry. It is known for its strong buzz that it gives when smoking during prolonged periods. The leaf is cut loose and gives an option to control the heat at better efficiency. It is perfect for experienced smokers that appreciate authentic flavors of Middle Eastern hookah traditions. 


  • Vintage By Starbuzz

Vintage line by Starbuzz is a dark, boiled tobacco which is know for smoky and strong qualities of the tobacco leaf. It is perfect for intermediate and experienced smokers since the strength of the tobacco is higher than average. We recommend trying this brand on clay bowl if you would like to get a stronger feel from hookah, or on silicon bowl for smooth experience.


  • Lavoo

Lavoo is a California local brand which produces the great flavors line. Tobacco is cut thoroughly, which allows for even burning and stronger buzz. Perfect for experienced smokers that seek new experiences. Best enjoyed on funnel bowls.


  • Darkside

Darkside is an imported flavors line that we carry. It is dark tobacco which has perfect heat resistant qualities. Due to its hit resistant qualities we are able to overheat the tobacco without flavor degradation. Perfect for intermediate to experienced smokers. Best when used in clay bowls.


  • Serbetli

Serbetli is an imported flavor which has great variety of flavors available. It is light and smoky, so it is perfect for long smoky hookah sessions. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced smokers. Serbetli has mild level of strength and strong aroma.


  • Tangiers

Tangiers is the strongest tobacco line that we carry. IT is known for its high nicotine level which gives buzz when smoked for a long period of time. We always recommend this brand for experienced smokers. The best way to enjoy this brand is using clay bowl packed tightly. It might not be as heat resistant as the other brands of hookah flavors but it is the best when you chasing buzz from the hookah.