Hello our hookah lovers! Today we have an interesting discussion. Is Lotus Kaloud better than foil for hookah? Let us discuss the benefits of both methods to find out what makes better way of enjoying hookah.
 First of all, smoke quality from both methods is pretty good. Most of the times it is preference based decision. Our patrons noted that our hookahs hit a lot better than hookahs from other hookah lounges that use foil. Of course, the Kloud is not the only factor that plays role in quality of the hookah it is the packing process as well. In our hookah lounge we use 3 methods of packing. First, leaving space between tobacco and kloud, second is flush and barely touching the bottom of cloud, and third where we overpack the bowl. Overpacking is tricky since not everyone can smoke this method of packing. Now that we discussed methods of packing let’s get back to the discussion.
When it comes to setting up process lotus makes it easier to set up the bowl since it eliminates the process of wrapping foil, punching holes, and making sure the foil is tight. Lotus has air slots on the sides which are pre cut in the metal to allow the air to get through the bow easier. It is set in a manner where it is easy for the bowl to breath the hot air from the top through the sides. Same effect can be achieved with foil if you punch holes only on the side. But the foil is thinner than metal used for lotus, and it will flex and charcoals would eventually end up in the middle and touch each other and create massive amount of heat and burn the tobacco. Setting up bowl with lotus requires you to drop the tobacco flavor or shisha in the bowl, arranging it, and putting the lotus on top. Then you would have to drop charcoals in lotus and close the lid. With foil you would have to put tobacco inside, cut the foil, determine the thickness of the foil, fold it, make sure it is smooth and even, wrap the bowl, make sure it is tight, punching holes through, and rewrap the foil since most of the times foil becomes loose. Lotus eliminates the need of long prepping process of the bowl. Winner is LOTUS.
When it comes to looks of the lotus vs foil. Most of our patrons noted that the concept of using lotus is pretty neat and clean. This is clear, when you consider that lotus was specifically made for hookahs and the main goal of lotus is to replace use of foil on the hookah. Lotus consists of 2 parts bottom part where charcoals are held and the lid which has slots for heat management. Combined, it looks like a hat on the bowl which is super sexy and beautiful on the hookah. Foil is great on hookah and gives authenticated old fashioned look for the hookah. However most of the times it looks uneven. A lot of lounges cut off the excess of the foil since it heats up and creates uneven distribution of heat in the bowl. Once again lotus eliminates the hassle of prepping process. Winner LOTUS.
Based on previous 2 points you might think that winner in this category would be lotus as well. It is true. Easiness of setting up the hookah is a lot faster. Clear winner is LOTUS.  HEAT MANAGEMENT:
This is tricky question, since it is more preference based question. We personally like smooth experience for hookah. if someone likes strong hot smoke it is easier to achieve with foil. Foil can fit more charcoals on top and make the hookah smoky, although, lotus is still great for heat management. Another drawback of lotus instead of foil is it takes longer to heat up the bowl due to the thickness of the metal. Overall you get more fine tune possibility for heat management with foil. Winner FOIL. 
This question is also subjective. Depending on the flavors that you enjoy the most foil or lotus can be more suitable. Since there is more heat management possibility with foil you can fine tune the flavor transfer. However if we use same tobacco and same amount of charcoals on foil and lotus, lotus would give better flavor. After all lotus was created with this issue in mind. Sometimes if you overheat the foil it gives metal taste. Lotus is harder to overheat due to thickness. Winner LOTUS. 
Quality of smoke is equally good with either options. It is personal preference for quality. We prefer lotus due to its smoother hassle free experience. With foil you can achieve the same smoothness, however more attention is needed. WINNER TIE. 
Overall, the lotus is more attractive option when it comes to hookah. It looks stunning, it is easy to set up. Lotus might not give you the same amount of fine tuning possibilities but for what it offers instead everything is forgivable. This is why we use the lotus in our hookah lounge. You can always come by and try for yourself. We are located in Hollywood CA and encourage all to come visit us either during the weekdays to enjoy chill atmosphere or after bars and restaurants. If you wondering “what is near me?” Consider MOJO Hookah Lounge. We are close by. Always. Always at your service.
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