Today we will walk you through some of the options we have for tobacco free session. While the process of hookah session involves tobacco at most parts new markets emerge and we see more brands that carry tobacco alternative options. These options are made out of herbals, fruits, and liquids, in some cases even stones. 

IF you are ultimately trying to cut back on nicotine and tobacco consumption, these options are right for you. While hookah sessions are different than smoking cigarettes, we still receive low amount of nicotine because the base is made out of tobacco. To fully avoid it herbal, fruit, juice bases are used to produce new way of enjoying hookah. If you were to ask me about these options 5 years ago I would steer away from them. But in todays world manufacturers perfected the formula and in some cases you can not tell the difference. The only difference you would notice right away is that these options are lighter due to lack of nicotine. In some cases they won’t be sufficient for avid hookah lovers but they worth trying anyways.

The main difference between hookah session and smoking tobacco is that tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars are meant to be burned. Hookah derives smoke from evaporation of the juice. Same logic is behind the vape. Tobacco is added for insignificant amount of nicotine. So main point here is that hookah tobacco does not burn to produce smoke, it dries and smokes. So tobacco free hookah products are taking the same concept but leave the tobacco out of the equation. Hence you get tobacco and nicotine free product.

If you are curious about these options, Mojo Hookah Lounge is proud to present tobacco free experience at our lounge. You can visit us during the business hours to give them a try. We will be waiting for you!