MattPear hookahs stand out due to superb quality, reliability, and awesome minimalist looks. This hookah is one of the most used hookahs in Russia not at home and hookah lounges. It is universal, simple, and reliable. Today we will shine some light on this hookah and will let you know everything you would need to know about it.

MattPear is a Russia based company that makes hookahs and tobacco. Even though the brand does not have a wide variety of models, the brand is still in great demand and hookah lounges and enthusiasts hunt for their devices like predators until the prey. Why is that?

The brand emerged about three years ago. For that time the brand produced a quality product at a relatively inexpensive price point. These are the qualities that then brand tries to preserve up to these days.

Sometime after the initial release, MattPear received “Johncalliano Awards” hookah of the year title which gave it a great jump start, and opened up new horizons.

The model name “Simple” speaks for itself. The fairly simple, yet functional design is user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.

The hookah uses combined materials to lower the price point. Every part that would contact with water is made out of medical-grade stainless steel, this minimizes the formation of corrosion. Other parts are made out of regular AISI 304.

The “Simple” model has a unique diffuser, that allows controlling the draw feel.

The other innovation that made this hookah famous is the utilization of magnet connectors for the hose and purge valve. Long gone are the days of rubber connections. Initially, these magnets were not as reliable as they are these days. This indicates a constant improvement on the brand makers’ side.

Overall, the MattPear model line consists of… Only 3 models. Simple M, Classic M, and Mini are the only models that are available at the time of this article. 

Classic M differed due to refined design. Mini is a mini version of the hookah. 2019 is a year of functional mini versions of the best hookahs in the market.

All models come as a whole set. The bowl and the base are not included.(the Mini version is the only model that includes the base).

The only con that we were able to identify is the lack of variety when it comes to the model lineup. That is not necessarily a bad thing since the makers can put their best to improvements in the models that there are.

Let us know if you have ever tried these hookahs. If not we have them at our lounge 😉