three bowls of packed hookah

This past week was a great week for US hookah market. We had a big event in Las Vegas, Hookah Expo Worldwide. This event exposed new trends of hookah industry as well as new additions to the hookah flavors lineup. We know that Fumari is coming up with a dark line of their greatest and latest flavors as well as classic flavors that we all come to love. Azure is emerging brand that bring a competition to established brands such as Tangier’s. We have some new brand of foreign flavors coming to US market, but we will talk about it when it becomes official. As far as hookah innovations, we have multiple brands that are establishing their names in the industry coming to the US market. This is great news since US as of right now lacks that formula to bring the great quality hookah to the customers. We as a hookah lounge located in Los Angeles are pleased to see that our beloved Russian made products emerge and people seem to love it. We will have to see what comes next, but from the looks of it, great things are coming.

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