Today we are looking at Fliptech bowl with unique design. It is a whole metal construction and we will find out if the asking price for this bowl+heat management unit worth it. Stick with us to find out!

 The bowl consists of 2 parts. Puck compartment holds tobacco and main part holds the puck itself. It is all metal construction and the bowl itself is compact so looks best on compact hookahs. 

 The concept behind Fliptech bowl is that you can flip the tobacco inside of the puck compartment to refresh the flavor. Essentially it is what people do when they shake the bowl. It is pretty neat concept and adds some functionality. The only downside of this bowl is the materials choice. Generally metal bowls  are not the best material choice as it tends to overheat. Imagine putting tobacco inside of the clay pot as opposed to metal pot and expose the pot to open source of fire. Metal pot would run much hotter and burn the flavor quicker. This is to be avoided so metals are not the best when it comes to bowls. It is harder to handle the bowl after the session because it is boiling hot.

 But overall the implementation of the bowl is unique and adds some functionality. You can flip the tobacco to extend your session. 

The implementation in regards to the materials choice could be better, but overall the concept of this bowl is unique and could be a new Lotus, we just have to wait and see.