Today, we are looking at MX function hookah by MYA. MYA as a brand is a well established, budget friendly offering. Today we are looking at Jafar 137 which stands 30’’ tall. The material choice is good but not great. And the design of this hookah calls for a question on where they got the inspiration. So lets dive down and see what Jafar 137 has to offer.

 First thing that you will notice when you open the box is the massive stem which is finished in matte black. Out unit came paired with green base and pink hose. Weird combination, but okay. Submerging stem of this hookah has a extra part that makes it easier to purge the stall smoke. It is unique feature that I have not seen before. At least with this implementation. It gets the job done. Does it add functionality? Somewhat yes. It purges the base from the smoke, it also blows out the bowl if the purge valve closed. It makes cooling down the bowl easier. As far as features this is it. Not much but significant.

 The base is really tall and has unique shape that helps the hookah to stand stable on the surface. I have seen these bases implemented on most of the German hookahs. There, it looks organic and minimalistic. On MX function though, The base is enormous and heavy. The glass is thick so it can withhold some impact. We have not tested that but it should be good for an accidental drop in case if it occurs. Jafar implements click lock system that connects base with the stem. Half a twist would secure the connection. It is great, but could be troublesome if the base breaks. You will not be able to find a replacement easily.

 1 thing that we did not like about this hookah is that the plate that it comes with is really low quality and has no secure connection with the stem. It translates to the noise from the vibration while smoking. It somehow annoying but manageable.

 For $130 it is a decent set hookah that comes with everything that you need to start the session. Let us know what you think about MX function hookahs from MYA!