Top Flavors of July

Today we are looking at top flavors of July.

 1. Fresh Power from Serbetli

 Fresh power is minty and fruity gum flavor that would be perfect to keep you cool this summer! Mixture of fruits adds sweetness to this flavor, while minty part would give you frozen feel of the hookah.

 2. Cane Mint from Tangier’s

 Cane Mint is perfect flavor for hot summer days. Overpowering mint would give you cooling sensation and allow you to stay fresh this summer.

 3. Supernova from Dark Side

 Supernova is basically frozen flavor. It does not have any pronounced flavor profile but gives cool sensation. Make sure to mix it with something sweet and fruity to get that iced smoothie flavor!

 4. Tropical Punch from Fumari

 Tropical punch is a pineapple and cherry punch flavor that everyone loves! It is a perfect option to try on a hot summer day

 5. Blue Mist from Starbuzz

 Blue Mist is a frozen blueberry flavor. This means lots of freshness and superb flavor! Perfect for beginners as well as experienced hookah lovers! Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

These flavors are our July top seller flavors selection. Any of these flavors will perfectly satisfy any hookah lover and keep them cool on these hot summer days.

What is your top flavor selection?