Top 5 flavors to try this season

With all the New Yers celebrations behind, it is time to get ready for the most productive year of your life, yet. And what is better way than starting the year off right way with some hookah flavors that would suit the winters mood right? Here is a list of top 5 flavors of this season!

1. Spiced Chai by Fumari

    Spiced Chai is a traditional spices with hint of creamy taste flavor. It mixes well with the selection of herbal teas as well as mixes good with minty flavors. It is a must try flavor for all dessert and creamy hookah lovers. Smooth herbal inhale transforms to cinnamon exhale and is perfect for starting the year right!

2. Experimint by Tangiers

    Everyone loves Cane Mint from Tangiers, but it seems like not everyone is aware of a beautiful flavor Experimint is! Hint of peppermint flavor in your hookah would set the mood right for tackling all your goals in the upcoming year so inhale the freshness!

3. Mandarin Orange by Tangiers

    Perfect way to start off the year right way. I bet you ate all the tangerines from the table, now it is time to inhale tangerines in your system! Go ahead and try this flavor ASAP! Pair this flavor with orange blossom tea and you are set for some citrusy adventures! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

4. Ice Breaker by Lavoo.

    Ice breaker from Lavoo is a minty candy flavor that will make you crave for more and more puffs of this goodness! It goes well with citrusy and fruity flavors to add minty taste without the actual mint flavor, so if you love to experiment with the flavors, Ice Breaker should be in your arsenal!

5. Ice Grapefruit by Serbetli

    Our Personal favorite flavor and number 1 on the list is Ice Grapefruit! Citrusy tone with a cool inhale tops any other option there is on the market! One advantage of Ice flavors is that they mix so well with anything you throw at it, even Pan Raas is mixable with Ice Grapefruit! We definitely recommend this flavor for you to try as it is a flavor to live for!


All the flavors that we mentioned in this article are available at our hookah lounge and we encourage you to try them out! Mix them, try them by themselves, it is up to you, but 1 thing we can guarantee is that you will not regret your decision!