Main problem with hookah is that you have to heat manage like a pro. There are multiple ways to do that. We are going to discuss these ways today. We also going to go over the ways of knowing when hookah becomes overheated or about to overheat.

So how do you know when hookah overheats?

First off, it might not be obvious when your hookah is about to overheat. Sure you can spot a burnt hookah, but how do you avoid it on early stages? Usually when flavor becomes altered from the original flavor, it is a sign that hookah starts to burn. It would give some sour taste before it gives a burnt taste. You want your hookah tobacco to boil inside of the bowl to get the smoke out of it. If excess heat is applied then tobacco starts to burn, which gives harsh flavor.

How to prevent it from burning?

To prevent hookah from burning you want to keep the heat at a level where it boils. To make it boil inside of the juice, you want to pack it somewhat loose so the heat wraps every single tobacco leaf inside of the bowl. Airflow cools down the bowl on inhale. If it is left unattended the bowl overheats and to cool it down you will have to blow out the bowl couple of times and do long steady pulls to get as much air travel through the bowl without overheating it. You can also take charcoals off to cool it down and make couple puffs on your hookah. This should bring the temperature down and allow you to resurrect your session. Most of the times this helps. If not, grab a toothpick or something sharp and stir the tobacco to rearrange the tobacco inside of the bowl.

This should help you with the overheating of the bowl. If there are other questions, you can reference to our YouTube video where we show how to prevent the tutorial.