Los Angeles is a great place to be. However it is hard to navigate and find a right thing to do. We will go over the options for anyway of the week.

First of all, Mojo hookah lounge is open 7 days a week all year long. Your visit would be great whichever day you come and leave with positive emotions from our hookahs. Definitely a number 1 option in the list!

After you enjoy a hookah you might feel hungry. There are plenty options. From large networks of the restaurants to local hidden gems options are plenty. Try looking up a local family owned restaurant and you will definitely find a one that fits your needs. There are plenty interesting restaurants in Arts District Los Angeles. Most of them are unique hipster places that has soul! So check them out and you won’t be disappointed.

Malibu is great option if you are looking for scenic places to get some picks for Instagram. Trust us, we do that all the time. There are plenty of beaches around Malibu so while you there enjoy ocean breeze!

Big Bear lake is great all year round, Winter is best for skiing, summers are great for bike trails so visit Big Bear and enjoy your time.

Long Beach is great! Queen Mary is great! There are no reasons not to visit! You will not be disappointed.

Most of the shopping malls in LA have great selection of shops! Some of them have great designs too! But only the Grove has Farmers market around it! Which is a great place to try many food selections and some local growers products! Visit without hesitations to shop for organic food and shop for most trendy shops!

LA is a great place to hang out! Visit any time of the year and visit us! We will be glad to see you here!