Today we are going to discuss the different hookah flavor profiles. With a market that is flooded with offerings it might be hard to get the right flavors and mix them together so the session is pleasant. We are going to go over the basics of flavor mixing today and, hopefully, you will learn something new!

 When mixing flavors the first thing to know if that not all flavors would play along good with each other. Most flavors have similar flavor profile but might not be the best fit for mixing. More complex flavors are sometimes hard to match to some other flavors, but knowing the profile of the flavor is helpful.  There are 3 main lasses of the flavors. Fruit, Fresh, and pastry flavors. There are also floral flavors but they are not that popular due to specific flavors that not everyone would enjoy. 

 Now, let’s get to the main part  – mixing flavors. When mixing flavors think of it as if you are mixing a drink. Good cocktail would have complex layers of properly proportioned ingredients. Same goes for hookah. Best flavors to mix are, of course, fruit flavors with hints of fresh flavors. Although, I have to mention that sometimes simple mixes are more appropriate than a complex mixture. In case of many flavors mix, the flavor might get lost in a complex mix. So start with the basic flavors. For starters we suggest some fruity citrusy flavors mixed with mint. That always hit the spot. After you get comfortable with these type of mixes, you can throw some sweeter flavors in the mix to add that extra sweetness. Once you have done your fruity minty flavors, you can move on to candy flavors with sour apple flavors. Those would be great for fresh mellow sessions of hookah. Lastly in case if you are craving for some sweets, pastry type of flavors are thereto help you. Take advantage of chocolaty and spicy flavors to get that craving muted. These flavors would be great for evening sessions mixed with some cognac or dark teas with desserts.

 Overall, all mixing has to offer is infinite options, so do not be afraid to experiment and get that perfect mixture that you will enjoy. In case if you get accustomed to that flavor jump on to some new flavors and try them all!