Today we have a discussion which involves inexpensive high quality product straight from Russia! With recent trends switching to Russian hookahs, Avion is a great entry to the US market! It is relatively inexpensive, has great functionality, and unique features!

 Avion Stick is a simple minimalistic design hookah which really stands out in a crowd of overly engineered hookahs. Simple stick design makes this hookah unique and vertical purge system makes every purge an event that mesmerizes. Stick hookahs is the new trend that most of the companies try to follow, Some implementations fall short, but Avion hookah makes a great product with this Stick design. In case you want to step up your game, Stick is a great hookah option! Avion has more interesting offerings up the sleeve, but we will circle back to these options later!

 The materials that are used are primarily hand polished Stainless Steel. No rust or flavor absorption would occur with this hookah. This hookah does not utilize traditional rubber grommets so the hose stays put in the hookah with 2 o rings that fit pretty snug.  Overall quality of this hookah is great. Some retailers in Russia sells them for approximately $100 dollars with the import costs, local US retailers will probably charge around $150-200. Which is more than entry level hookah cost, but trust me, this hookah worth every penny!

 Should you have an urge to try this hookah stop by our hookah lounge for a try out! We promise you will fall in love with this hookah the same way we did!