What are the best additives or hookah? Once you’ve done hookah for a while, you start to wonder, what is the good additives and interesting way to enjoy hookah. You can keep it as traditional as possible and use a regular clay bowl or be more adventurous and use fruit bowl. Fruits that are suitable for this are pomegranate, grapefruit, pineapple, orange, apple, or even banana. Check out our YouTube videos for the tutorials and demonstrations. All you have to do is cut the fruit properly so your flavor is evenly placed inside of the fruit.

We recommend grapefruit or orange for this application since they throw juices when heated. This will make your hookah session last longer if you keep the heat applied at all times.

Okay but what is the good way to mix up you base? You might have seen some interesting implementations with ice and fruits. But what if I told you that water is not the only liquid you can pour in the base? Some people got creative and prepping some sort of liquid smoothie and mixing it with mint and sliced fruits to create unique experiences. Most popular options for hookah bases would be milk, juices, lemonades. People often add alcohol to the base, but we generally, do not recommend this due to it not giving a lot of advantages, on top of that the flavor decades significantly. So we would stay away from this option. Some people mix hookah with energy drinks and it gets quite a lot of traction lately. It is a very interesting experience. We encourage you to try this.

To conclude, why not experiment with your hookah session? Spice it up with some fruit head, and interesting mix for the base. Just remember to cut the fruit just the right way, and mix the base with ice. Trust us this will bring some new experience to your hookah session. If you want to try some of the options that we have mentioned above, just visit our hookah lounge, we are always waiting for you to show our expertise.