Would you like to know where the innovation in hookah industry lays? Look no further! We are going to discuss best hookah companies that are in the market.

 There are many companies that push their products to the market nowadays. Most of the products are average, but some are great. If we filter through an array of brands and their products we would have better picture of the current trends and innovations.

 Today we are going to give you a list of companies that produce quality products! These companies are not necessary the best in the industry, but they offer highest quality products. We use these at our hookah lounge and the quality of these companies’ products are top notch

  Let’s start with our beloved Matt Pear. Matt pear is a Russian company that produce hookahs and recently, tobacco. Matt Pear Simple M hookah is one of the most desired and highest quality hookahs on the market. The materials that are used consist of high grade stainless steel. This is crucial part since the erosion of this hookah is non existent. With proper care, this hookah would last you a life time!

  Another quality hookah that is priced higher than average is Wookah. Wookah’s are Polish made hookahs that use different kinds of wood to produce these quality offerings. They have many models that would fit your budget. Another great trait of these products is that they utilize stainless steel for durability. If you do decide to get on of those hookahs make sure to buy the whole wood model since it is a unique combination and definitely a stunner!

  Hi-Tech Hookahs are the best known for impressive designs. Ukrainian hand made hookah looks stunning and will deliver quality hookah sessions to your home or your hookah lounge. Their designs are unique and functional. Every detail of these hookahs are heat management inclined. The stem is heat disposing and take away the heat from the bowl. The bowl itself is metal construction which is not ideal, but the whole construction makes up for the material choice for the head. Another great option is here!

 Here is the list of great companies that provide unique products with the highest quality. We dod not go over the pricing of these since they are mostly imported items and price may vary between vendors. But on average you should expect to for out between 250 to 300 dollars for Matt Pear, between 300 and 700 dollars for Wookah depending on the model, and 900 and up dollars for Hi-Tech. This is plenty but worth it. Let us know which hookahs you like!