In todays discussion we will go over best ways to pack the bowl and what is the best way to pack a bowl for smokiness and for flavor. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

 We primarily going to focus on 2 ways of packing a bowl. First one would be smoky bowl pack. In this pack we would use less tobacco than usual to increase the heat transfer from charcoals to the flavor. We would pack the bowl loose and let the heat freely travel through flavor leafs. Do not jam pack your bowl with the flavor since it would be harder for heat to wrap around the flavor. Make sure to leave some space between flavor and the edge of the bowl so it does not touch the foil or heat management unit. Put the charcoals on top and wait for 3-4 minutes. That is it. Now you have a bowl that would give you the maximum smoke out of your hookah. Keep in mind that due to the flavor being loose in the bowl it might not last you  for a long time. This pack is great for short hookah sessions.

Another way of packing the bowl is to lay down the flavor in the bowl and slightly push it so the flavor is evenly laid out and the top layer is pressed. This would reduce the burning rate and increase the flavor. This pack would last you for a good hour or more. Keep in mind that for best results the flavor must not touch the foil or the heat management unit.


Generally every pack should leave some space between flavor and heat management unit, less it is overpack method(which is for strong hookahs and strong flavors only). Let us know what is the best way of packing a bowl. We would be glad to hear back from you!