For the first 4 months of 2021, MustHave company released and surprised us with several great flavors. A lot of people have been waiting for these flavors and finally these flavors hit the stores around the world. Keep in mind that these flavors are scarce and might not be readily available. Let’s dig into the flavor pallets and break down every single of them.

Rocket –  was brought in collaboration of famous Russian music industry representative “Timati”. This flavor has been in development for over 2 months and numerous hookah sessions later, we finally can enjoy this flavor. This flavor combines mouthwatering and dense strawberry flavor, mixed with tropical notes of kiwi. This flavor has quickly became one of the most popular new additions in flavor lineup and currently tops the carts of many hookah lounges. MustHave has brought something unique to the industry and made a way for other brands to collaborate with various artists and celebrities to bring new lines of flavors.

Another new addition to the lineup is Fizzy Dizzy, This is a exploding mixture of dry champagne, that MustHave has been delivering this flavor as standalone flavor for quite some time. The other flavor that is in the mix is a sweet and sour barberry flavor. These two flavors perfectly balance each other and are pleasant to enjoy.

Paradise is also a premixed flavor. We mentioned that a lot more companies are making flavors that are premixed so it is easier to enjoy intricate flavors while keeping it simple. Speaking of Paradise flavor, it has sweet, almost overpowering sweetness to it. Essentially it is a banana mixed with caramel and coconut. For those who love sweet flavors such as Spiced chai from Fumari, it is a perfect substitution and something new to try. 

In our opinion these flavors came out on spot and will not disappoint anyone with the flavor they deliver. We really hope that MustHave becomes more available in the US. For now, we carry some of the MustHave lineups and invite you to try those at Mojo Hookah Lounge.