There are multiple ways of starting the hookah charcoals. Given that the materials are different, there are many things to consider when starting hookah charcoals at home. Natural charcoals are the most favorable among the different kinds of charcoals due to lack of smell, taste, and length of the session.

Sometimes there is no way to heat the natural charcoals fast at home so today we share some tips and tricks on how to properly start hookah charcoals at home.

The best way to start the charcoals is to put them on electric stovetop. Luckily, these are readily available at any local convenience store. These type of burners work off electricity, so only requirement is an outlet.

Infrared stovetop is an alternative to the electric burner. They work off electricity as well but the heat comes from small infrared elements. These burners are notable due to their high heat output.

What to do in case if the stovetop or burner is not available? We have many other alternatives that we can use at home.

Gas stovetop is a great alternative to the electric or infrared burners. The only downside is that this method requires constant flipping of the charcoals to prevent overheating from one side only. 

Other method is to put charcoals in the oven. Prior to that, heat up the oven for 10 minutes at medium heat. Charcoals would heat up evenly so no need to flip the charcoals.

What if I am outside?

You are most likely would be having a picnic and there would be some sort of grill or bonfire. Put your charcoals on the edge of the bonfire or grill and heat the charcoals up. Do not cook any edible items while charcoals are heating up.

What if I do not have any natural charcoals?

Natural charcoals can be subbed for activated charcoal. You must use about 10-20 pills at a time and this is not an ideal way of enjoying the hookah, but hey, this is probably your last resort.

Quick-light charcoals are okay alternative. The only problem with quick-light charcoals is the aftertaste of the charcoal. It can lead to nausea and headache after the prolonged session.

Wooden charcoals are other option that you have. They give less heat so the requirement of the quantity of charcoals on top of the bowl would be increased. They are also ashy, so constant maintenance is required.

Electric hookah charcoals are another option that is great option. You might not have it right now, but do the research and have one handy. It would save a ruined hookah session.

How to heat the charcoals in a microwave?

So this method raises a lot of questions and controversies. Again, this should be your last resort. Do it at your own risk, we warned you. Put your microwave on the minimum settings, and do 5 second sessions at most. Remember to constantly check on the progress as this method involves a lot of danger.

So these are some of the methods on how to light charcoals and some alternatives you might be able to use in case if natural coconut shell charcoals are not available. Let us know if you have tried these methods before.